Posted on June 8, 2017


An ambitious experimental film project has been announced

by filmmaker Eric Bergquist of Analogy Pictures which he

says will give Netflix viewers the ability to choose the

direction of the story.

Boston, MA – The Analogy Pictures team has announced

plans for the production of “The Chronic Adventure Story,”

an experimental film the director says will be a choose-your-

own-adventure-style narrative viewable in episodic form.

There will be over 20 different ways the film can be watched

by viewers, and many will be compelled to binge-watch every possible version, according to Eric Bergquist, writer and director of the film.

“For anyone who has pondered alternate timelines, or has contemplated the different possible outcomes for a film or television show, The Chronic Adventure Story will be a dream come true,” said Bergquist. “Two friends could each watch a different version without realizing it and when they discuss it with each other they will discover their perceptions and opinions of the show will be vastly different, which will motivate them even more to re-watch with a different outcome,” he added.

The concept for the film began many years ago when as a child Bergquist was a fan of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. He said he has a passion for creating films that make the audience question reality.

“I like to project the same nuances you find in everyday life, while also tricking the mind by creating parallels,” he explained.

Bergquist and his experimental film concept is certain to capture the attention of a large audience, and he expects it will be picked up by Netflix.

“This pilot is a dream come true for a very large and diverse audience who are already Netflix viewers. Netflix is the platform to attempt this new form of storytelling. They are already at the forefront of game-changing television shows, and are famous for the freedom they give to both viewers and content creators,” said Bergquist. He hopes that when Netflix sees the finished film it will be a perfect match for streaming to their viewers.